• The embroideries of Morocco


    Used as a way for women to provide for their families, embroidery has kept Moroccan tradition alive while also benefiting the country economically. Moroccan embroidery favors abstract or geometric shapes, with a history said to have come from Henna tattoo designs, and is now categorized into four main types of embroidery


    This type comes from the capital city and is mostly created with white cotton.It tends to focus on one color which is embroidered in a silk floss. In some cases, brighter colors are used but stitched closer together which makes a solid pattern.
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    Gold Thread

    This type is also common in Fes and is usually created for special occasions and celebrations like weddings. Created on heavier cloth, most of the time, such as leather, velvet or silk, male artisans are called to assist given the amount of effort involved in stitching such a garment. The couching technique is used in this type of embroidery holding the gold threads into their positions.

    Fes (Terz Fesi)

    Named for the city of Fes which is known as the spiritual capital of Morocco, this embroidery type is incredibly unique in that the back pattern is the same as the front without knots hidden beneath the cloth. To incorporate this technique, the stitches used are both a cross and straight stitch. The most common colors used are green and blue with maroon or red mixed in.



    The berber style is the modernization of the henna tattoo where women decorate their headscarves in the different henna patterns one would traditionally see. This is because tattooing is no longer as customary. Bright colors are embroidered onto darker bases which adds intricate and beautiful designs onto their everyday wear.

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  • Introducing the new heels collection

    Inspired by the glistening souks of Casablanca and the unique craftsmanship involved in creating the ancestral babouche shoes sold here, ZYNE continue to remain true to their mission of combining the craftsmanship of Morocco and the quality of Paris or London.Zyne’s avant-garde collection sees the introduction of kitten heels. 
    The styles are available in a range of colours and materials with intricate designs giving their wearer a mystical hint of Moroccan charm no matter where their shoes carry them.The more delicate satin styles have vivid, delicate embroidery in transcendental illustrations that capture the essence of the wanderlust Zyne girl.


    Take a walk on the wild side with ZYNEs Snake-print leather design.
    The elongated toe box and strategically placed slit flatters the foot and creates the illusion of longer legs. The 55mm heel gives some height while remaining comfortable for all day wear.
    Also available in green and red.


    Crafted from plush velvet and sporting a distinctive heel, the Venny strikes the perfect balance between style and comfort.
    Available in blue black burgundy and dark


    Crafted from silk satin and embellished with light catching crystals, think of them as jewels for your feet. Their 55mm made them perfect for dancing the night away.
    Available in black, mustard, navy blue,
    champagne and pink
  • Slow fashion : This is how we do it right

    Do you know where your last purchase was made? How many times have you realized that you were wearing some clothes only during one season and then you completely forget about them?
    All these questions lead us to the concept of Slow Fashion.

    Slow Fashion (or Sustainable Fashion) is the awareness and involvement of buying clothes better-quality garments that will last for longer. This kind of fashion values fair treatment of people, animals and the planet. It is the opposite of fast fashion which represent the fantasy of unconscious consumption of buying more clothes to make us happy.

    Workspace which encourage

    We are transparent about our production. From the beginning, our aim was to manufacture everything locally. Now we are proud to say that every pair of ZYNE shoes is made thanks to a Moroccan woman from one of the cooperatives we are partners with.
    As part of our ZYNE family, these women earn money for themselves and their families, as well as gaining a sense of independence and confidence, because their contribution to our business is recognized by the world.

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    Sustainable materials

    During all of our daily lives our skin has contact with different materials. The real question is how these substances can affect us and what impact they have on the environment. Our RAFFIA collection is made of raffia fibers – a natural given material. The harvesting of the raffia palm leaves, the dying and the packing are done manually by locals with the utmost respect for the environment. It is 100% natural and therefore biodegradable.

    Shoes that will last a lifetime

    The key to consume less is to buy products of a better quality. Buying fashion that is timeless is not just an investment but also a way to contribute to the slow fashion. Choosing products of better quality which you will wear longer helps you not only save your budget but also reduce the negative impact on the environment. Our shoes are made with durability and comfort in mind as well. Our designs are timeless and made to last a lifetime.

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    Sustainable fashion is about everyday choices which we make. We appreciate that our costumer base are concerned about where our products made, by whom, and how the materials are sourced.