Lucky I


Delicate beading and intricate details live on soft velvet in navy blue – don’t be afraid to match these with a midi dress or trouser suit for an evening out.


Embellished blue velvet

Charms of pearls

Beige laminated soft skin leather


Sizing and Fit

  • In general, we run true to size.
  • Slight differences from style to style largely dependant on the thickness of the fabric
  • Recommend to size up for wider feet and down for a narrow foot
  • For an optimal fit and comfort, there should be a little room between the heel and the edge of the shoe
  • We are here to assist you if any concerns

Caring for Zynes

  • Given the handmade nature of the product and the delicate nature of some of the materials used, they are not recommended for wear in muddy or wet areas.
  • Keep the slipper toes stuffed with the paper they came with to ensure they keep their shape
    Store them in the accompanying shoe bag to ensure that the delicate embellishments are protected when not in use.


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