Zero Waste

Zero Waste is simply aiming to send zero waste to landfills through reducing what is needed, reusing often, sending little to be recycled while composting what cannot be recycled. The main goal of shifting to zero waste is to create a circular economy where trash is extinct.

The Moroccan environment is polluted with plastic waste. A few years ago, among a few other African countries, Morocco banned the use of plastic bags. Even a women’s cooperative in Morocco decided to make a change in their environment through using plastic bags and traditional weaving methods to create beautiful fashion accessories. This cooperative also aims to raise awareness on the negative environmental impact of plastic waste.

At Zyne, we care a whole awful lot! Did you know that we aim to practice zero waste by reducing our negative environmental impact in three main ways?

Creating quality shoes that last longer.

Our shoes are handwoven by skilled artisans using very detailed and methodical processes. Each shoe can take two or more people half a day or longer to complete. We only work with small atelier and suppliers to ensure that we are contributing to the local economy.

Let’s take the Bondi, for example, a Meghan Markle favorite. One artisan will curate the raffia, one will make the inner sole, one will make the outer sole, and the others will weave. This beautifully woven pattern will take an artisan 22 hours to hand weave. Good quality takes time and these shoes have it.

So why is purchasing an item of good quality important for the environment?

“If the average life of clothing was extended by just three months, it would reduce their carbon and water footprints, as well as waste generation, by five to 10 percent.”
Rick LeBlanc
Writer and consultant in the area of sustainable packaging, pallets, and supply chain

The life of a fashion product continues to reduce as consumers become more interested in convenience and deals over quality and craftsmanship. It’s all too common to purchase an item at an affordable price, use it a few times, and then when it wears down, throw it out. If consumers were to purchase items that are better quality, they not only invest in a product, they invest in saving the environment around them.

At Zyne, our shoes last longer so that consumers won’t have to throw them away. We think that investing in pieces you will love forever is one of the most sustainable thing you could do.

Using as much natural materials as possible

Our base materials are 100% natural meaning that they are biodegradable. If our shoes must be sent to landfills, then we have ensured that the materials used can be decomposed. Raffia is a natural fiber. Check out our raffia collection!

The harvesting of the raffia palm leaves, the dying, and the packing are done manually by locals with the utmost respect for the environment.


Only using the materials that we need.​

We aim to only use the materials that we need to produce a pair of shoes. Our shoes are made consciously through integrating dead-stock leather derived from luxury factories.
This significantly reduces production waste in Morocco. This creates a trickle down effect: Less unused materials go to landfills which allows for less landfill space to be used therefore preserving our energy and water ultimately creating a better environment to live in.

We work with artisans on ancestral techniques that were going to disappear. Our shoes help to create jobs and preserve culture while also helping to create a better environment.

Our responsibility to the Moroccan environment is something we don’t take lightly. In every process of our production, we take into consideration how it will make lasting effects in our community down the road.
We have substituted plastic bags with non-woven, reusable, fabric bags and also use biodegradable paper bags.

Our mission to work with artisans on ancestral techniques that were going to disappear preserves the culture while also helping to create a better environment.

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