We’re passionate about bringing a piece of Moroccan charm and tradition into the 21st century, with our take on the classic Babouche slipper.  Hand crafted out of the finest leather, and embellished with a constellation of jewels and colours, they’re the perfect flat shoe to add a a little magic to your outfit.

Worn by Moroccans of all ages, the babouche is the national shoe of Morocco. From traditional events to a casual trip to the grocery store, there is a style to suit every occasion.

The art and craftmanship required to design and make them is a time honored tradition.

The ZYNE shoe brings Moroccan tradition into the 21st century by imbuing this classic slipper with the spirit of wanderlust and effortless glamour. Customarily created by hand out of leather, the babouche is an individual style statement – moulding itself to the wearer’s foot over time, so that it truly belongs to no one else.

ZYNE is more than just a shoe. Our mission is also to inspire and help women live better lives. Every pair of ZYNE shoes is touched by a Moroccan woman from one of the cooperatives we partner with.

As part of our ZYNE family, these women earn money for themselves and their families, as well as gain a sense independence and confidence because their contribution to our business is recognized by the world.