Our Story


A classic piece of culture, craftsmanship, and heritage. The babouche is the iconic shoe worn throughout Morocco, and encapsulates centuries of history, from the effervescent buzz of the souks to the timeless landscapes across the country.

The Zyne babouche brings Moroccan tradition into the 21st century – by imbuing this classic slipper with the spirit of wanderlust, glamour, and a twist of modernity. Crossing all limitations of urban borders and seasons, the Zyne babouche is designed to be worn everywhere, at any time. Each slipper is handmade by a cooperative dedicated to supporting local women in the community allowing every purchase of yours to brighten up the life of another woman.

Weave magic into every step, with the celestial sparkle shimmering at your feet. Capture the unbounded and limitless spirit of an adventuring soul with shoes designed to travel across unknown paths. As your slipper becomes a part of you, let it be the perfect companion through all your journeys – comfortable, stylish, and utterly unique.


Each pair of shoes designed by founder Zineb Britel has a mission to bring the ancestral
Moroccan “babouche”, and its traditional craftsmanship, into the 21st Century. After studying Fashion Design at Esmod Paris, and gaining experience working at Christian Dior and Sonia Rykiel, Zineb discovered that her true passion and talent was shoe design. Gaining expertise in this discipline at Central Saint Martins in London and Moda Pelle in Italy, Zineb was inspired to explore her own countryʼs footwear and to give it a modern twist.

Business partner Laura Pujol graduated from INSEEC, one of Franceʼs top advertising schools and went on to specialize in Luxury Goods Marketing at LʼEcole Internationale de Marketing du Luxe (EIML Paris). Laura’s passion is to bring the painstaking craft of luxury good marketing to life while honoring those who dedicate their lives to craftsmanship. After working in the marketing team of Christian Louboutin, Laura decided to join the ZYNE
adventure with her best friend, to help her develop and make the magic happen.