Zyne Process


We are a luxury lifestyle brand that strives to keep ancient techniques alive. Our goal is to preserve and promote our Moroccan heritage by encouraging more women to learn traditional Moroccan embroidery techniques so that they can be passed on for generations to come. In this way, we are bringing a modern touch to traditional Moroccan footwear and hopefully contributing to the babouche's longevity. The process of bringing one of our designs to life takes on average 24 hours of hand-beading or hand-embroidering by one of our devoted “petite main,” a lifelong artisan dedicated to his/her craft.

We consciously select materials that are eco-friendly, such as raffia, a natural fiber, which we tint using colors made from vegetable scraps and spices. We also repurpose fabric scraps into new styles.


With every purchase, you’re helping underprivileged Moroccan women thrive, grow, and prosper. We empower these women by providing them with employment and teaching them valuable skills like beading and embroidery. With this knowledge, they’re able to secure jobs and support their families. This financial security and independence allows women to live life on their own terms. We are committed to continuing this journey by supporting local women and providing them with opportunities to become independent and empowered. These women are proud to share their talents with the world.


ZYNE is a 100% conceived, designed, and produced Moroccan brand. Our products are handmade and therefore are perfectly imperfect.

Our atelier is based in Casablanca, where we work with a group of exceptional artisans. We have opened our own space where we exchange ideas, techniques and offer embroidery and beading lessons.

We believe in products with a conscience. All of our shoes are handmade by the best craftsmen in small workshops around our home base in Casablanca, Morocco. First, our shoes are hand-beaded by a cooperative dedicated to supporting local women in the community. Then, they are assembled by a cooperative of men, passionate about craftsmanship and eager to learn about new techniques. We are passionate about supporting small local businesses and local craftsmanship.